Our values
What sets us apart since 1980

Our vision
We want to be the market leader in our sectors. We achieve this through continuous improvement of our products and services, pioneering new developments and sustainable products with the minimum life expectancy of a generation. We develop our products for the maximum benefit of our customers. This enables us to generate constant and healthy growth for our group of companies.

Durable, reliable, safe, innovative

Our mission
The guiding principle WORKS. FOREVER. is our mission and our responsibility. To this end, we develop, produce and sell products with the aim of inspiring our customers in the long term.

BÜSCH products inspire users worldwide with their durable, reliable function and simple installation. We achieve this by focusing on the requirements of our customers.

Passion for further development and dedication to the perfect implementation of our tasks. Long-term customer loyalty is the greatest affirmation for us.


is not only the focus of our products, but also describes how we deal with our customers and employees. We focus on long-term sustainable partnerships, both internally and externally.

We can only achieve success together. A successful company needs a strong sense of unity and a common direction in order to be successful in the long term. That is why the well-being of our employees is just as important to us as that of our customers. Because innovative products that inspire can only be developed in a good and harmonious working environment.

Where possible, we use local suppliers to keep transportation routes to a minimum. Sustainable action to protect people and the environment is the central basis for us to continue to be successful in the future. The sum of these advantages convinces our customers all over the world.