February 2023

BÜSCH visiting the Middle East

In February our employees were in Dubai to train our sales team of DUTCO TENNANT LLC. They were accompanied by our mascot "Mr. B.", who from now on will actively travel with and support them.

Regular product training is important to us in order to offer our customers the best possible service. Thanks to the long-standing business relationship with DUTCO, who are the leading supplier for the Middle East and GCC region, we have already been able to realize many projects. After the training, we went to Qatar for further appointments.

In addition to new customer visits, various projects were also inspected that we had already supplied - including completed properties and those still under construction. Completed structures include the wastewater treatment plant for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and a pumping station outside Doha (installation completed).

The highlight: for the sewage treatment plant we supplied 50 valves with push-pull rods (XL4, XL3 and lowering slider), 45 drives with sunshields and 7 stop gates constructions.

The temperatures in Qatar are a particular challenge - in the summer it can be over 50° C hot. To ensure that the drives do not suffer from direct sunlight, we designed and installed special sunshields, and type signs were screwed on instead of glued to prevent them from coming off.

In order to prevent leakage and to conform to the project requirements (no press-on devices were allowed to be used), no stop logs but specially made stainless steel stop gates were designed and manufactured. Due to the increased weight of the stop logs, the seal is better compressed and can therefore meet the high sealing requirements.


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