Flood protection with BEA® Electric Actuator

The Austrian municipality of Oberndorf near Salzburg revised its entire flood protection concept last year. In Oberndorf, known for its "Silent Night, Holy Night" chapel, flooding caused so much damage in June 2013 that an updating of the protective measures was required.
The special challenge with this project is the geographical location of Oberndorf: three streams flow directly into the Salzach river locally: the Frauenbach (maximum flow of 9m³/s), the Oberdorfer Bach (2m³/s) and the Mayerhofer Bach (1m³/s).

The centrepiece of the flood protection scheme is a flood overflow tower and pumping station with two screw conveyors. This screws pump water from the flood overflow tower at a max. capacity of 4.4m³/s.

In addition to the flood overflow tower, two BÜSCH penstocks were installed:

  • aXL3-LT channel penstock lowering type, size 4000 x 2450 mm, in a two-spindle design, installation depth 4 m, driven and controlled by aBEA® BÜSCH Electric Actuator including control cabinet. This regulates the water flow to the screws. The lowering gate is designed for overflows of up to 1.7 m when the slide plate is closed in the case of flooding.

  • a round-bottomXL4-RS penstock, DN2200, installation depth 8.10 m, driven by a standard electric actuator. The XL4 RS blocks or regulates the backflow from the Salzach, depending on the water level of the Salzach, as well as regulating the local outflow from the surface water of the three streams.

In high-water situations, these two XL penstocks regulate the inflow and outflow of water to avoid flooding like in 2013.
The BÜSCH service team supported locally in the assembly of the two penstocks and the BEA®.

BEA<sup>®</sup> with touchpanel
BEA® with touchpanel
XL3-LT, 4000 x 2450 mm, driven by BEA<sup>®</sup>
XL3-LT, 4000 x 2450 mm, driven by BEA®
Overflow tower and pumping station with two screw conveyors
Overflow tower and pumping station with two screw conveyors
XL4-RS, DN2200
XL4-RS, DN2200
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