March 2023

Flood protection with BÜSCH - safely tight!

World Water Day on March 22, draws our attention to the special importance of water, the protection of water resources and their sustainable use. 2023 is under the motto „Accelerating Change“.

On the one hand, groundwater reservoirs and the supply of drinking water have to be preserved; on the other hand, it is about controlling the threatening side of water. Heavy rainfall events and floods have devastated entire regions and cost many lives. Therefore, technical flood protection becomes more and more important and requires forward-looking planning. The importance of the HQextrem line increases. A simple "wall" that used to protect against flooding is no longer sufficient today. In addition to renaturation of river courses and creation of sufficient polder areas, it is equally important to equip dams with safely working penstocks.

The important aspect here is: penstocks have to close absolutely tightly in the event of a flood. And they must close reliably even after years of inactivity. If the water pressure in the watercourse becomes too high and the inflowing volume continues to increase, polder areas will be released for flooding by actuating these penstocks. Now the stainless steel penstocks must open reliably and close just as reliably tightly again after flooding. All this can be achieved safely with stainless steel penstocks from BÜSCH.

It is our misson to develop our products in a durable and resource-saving way. We see ourselves as a partner who competently accompanies the project from the planning phase onwards, because every project requires precisely fitting products. Our guidline "Works. Forever." stands for forward-looking development, products that can be perfectly integrated and adapted to the respective challenges, and has done so since 1980.

Safely leak-proof - products for flood protection

The quality of the products for flood protection is the decisive factor in an emergency. Compared to the total construction sum, the cost share of the penstocks is tiny, but of decisive importance for the safe function of the investment. It is important not to save money in the wrong place.

Our penstocks, stop logs, stop gates or flaps (flap cover/rotary lock) are critical components for flood protection projects and are now installed in all environments - open water, rivers, sewers, urban, rural and building protection.

For more than 30 years we have been involved in flood protection measures to protect the historic Old Town of Prague from the floods of the Vltava River. For the drainage channels in and around Prague, absolutely leak-proof BÜSCH stainless steel penstocks and flap cover have been installed over the last 30 years. During the last flood in 2003, they impressively proved how well they work and kept the Old Town dry.

Our penstocks are also used in historic buildings to protect basements against flooding: our SAFOX© product range protects the computer technology of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in Prague and the art storage rooms of the Semper Gallery in Dresden (Germany). The watertight locking of the ventilation and air extraction systems protects the extinguishing and air-conditioning technology, the TGA equipment and, of course, the works of art from flooding.

Our penstocks are subjected to a seal test on the pressure test wall before delivery to prevent leakage - demonstrably.

All fittings are equipped with our BÜSCH UNO corner and butt joint, for permanent tightness of the fittings.

Your advantages of our penstocks for flood protection:

  • Everything from a single source.
    We support you already in the planning of your plants and can design and lay out the penstocks individually to your requirements.
    We produce, deliver and assemble and support you in maintenance and servicing where necessary.
  • We design for decades of service life, and our own pickling shop ensures perfect corrosion resistance.
  • Our penstock seals do not have glued but vulcanized seal connections. With our BÜSCH UNO process, we produce consistently elastic seals that guarantee permanent tightness.

We stand by our customers worldwide as a reliable partner and help them prepare for future challenges in the best possible way. We offer individual and tailor-made flood protection solutions for every situation.

BÜSCH has been a member of the HochwasserKompetenzCentrum (HKC) Cologne since 2022.

More information about the HochwasserKompetenzCentrum e.V. Cologne:

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