Increased lock capacity in a natural paradise
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The Masuria region in northern Poland is one of the most beautiful, greenest and unspoilt regions in Europe. One of the most impressive parts is the Masurian lake landscape at Lake Beldahn and Lake Niedersee, which is connected by the Great and the Small Guzianka Lake.

Between Lake Beldahn and the Guzianka Lakes, the "Guzianka" lock has enabled the water level difference of 2 to 3 m to be overcome since 1879, making it an important traffic junction on the way to the Great Masurian Lakes even today. Large passenger ships, tourist yachts and canoes regularly use the lock. It is estimated that 15,000 ships use the lock annually.

BÜSCH products regulate Guzianka 2

The "Guzianka 2" lock has now been in operation since June 2020. With a length of 50 m, a width of 7.5 m and a depth of 2 m, the lock can accommodate twice the number of vessels, 4 to 5 per hour.

BÜSCH equipped the modern plant design with a total of 4 XL4 stainless steel penstocks (1.2 × 1.2 m) including variable speed BEAservo electric actuators for permanent control operation. Penstocks and actuators act as central lock flaps and compensate for the difference in water level between the two lakes.

A fish passage was also included in the new lock and controlled by two BÜSCH XL3 sluice gates.

Video Guzianka 2 lock

XL4 Spindelschieber mit BEAservo
XL4 Spindelschieber mit BEAservo
XL3 Rinnenschütz
XL3 Rinnenschütz

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