Naturstromspeicher a green pilot project

Renewable energy continues to gain importance. However, In order to master the energy transition, a few screws still have to be tightened - among other things, how to deal with the problem of energy storage and the thereby resulting stable power grid.

The objective of a joint concept from Max Bögl Wind AG and Naturspeicher GmbH is to concentrate on a natural power storage created from a combination of a wind farm and a pumped-storage power plant. The tower foundations of the wind turbines are utilised as water reservoirs.

This idea even earned the project a nomination for the GreenTecAwards 2018 last year. An international environmental award.

The natural power storage pilot project follows new, untrodden paths, for which it requires individualised products - BÜSCH supports this project from the planning stage through the design stage up to, and including, production and assembly.

The initial BÜSCH delivery could be inspected and evaluated at the end of 2018 in an already installed condition. A customised double plate penstock (2000 x 5000 mm) with independently movable plates. This is located in an inlet and outlet structure which regulates the water balance of the power plant - once between the lower basin and the adjacent Kocher river and also between the lower basin and the pump turbines.

Additional custom-made BÜSCH products, including special screens, will follow on this year. Keep up to date!

Naturstromspeicher - how it works


BÜSCH double plate penstock 2000 x 5000 mm
BÜSCH double plate penstock 2000 x 5000 mm
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