Underwater operation at the "Wasserwelt"
BÜSCH insulates

Once artificially created for flood protection, the lake Wöhrder See is now an important and popular local recreation area in the middle of Nuremberg. For some years now, the lake has been redesigned under the motto "Wasserwelt Wöhrder See" - an already converted bathing bay with a sandy beach is part of the concept as well as demarcated areas for species protection.

The renewal of an emergency closure at the weir of the Wöhrder Talübergang has now led to a special construction site in Nuremberg at the beginning of the year. To be able to install the new emergency closure at all, the weir first had to be drained. This was carried out by a group of five divers from BWS-Bautauchen & Wasserbau Sauerland GmbH, a company specialising in such work.

14 new, foldable steel supports, which can be set up during inspection work, were subsequently installed at the bottom of the lake and sealed with lightweight aluminium dam beams from BÜSCH over a total length of approx. 22.4 m. The protective barrier with a height of 3.1 m can withstand an estimated water pressure of 130 tons.

Stop logs aluminium

Dammbalken aus Aluminium
Dammbalken aus Aluminium

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