The robust telescopic stem extension for every application.

Who isn’t familiar with the situation? The call from the construction site, which in most cases does not bode well:

"The stem extension is too short!"

"We have to dig out everything again..."

"A different valve to the one given is installed."

"Everything has subsided, somebody didn‘t compact properly."

"The excavator operator didn‘t see the stem extension and knocked it over"

Avoid this extra effort, the time delay and follow-up costs
by using FERROMAX.

The telescopic stem extension can be immediately adjusted to the required length. If this is insufficient, you can extend it flexibly using the additional extension attachment.


No limitations due to different valve connections. Different adapter solutions for our bells adapt the stem extension to your house connection immediately.

If you find that the gate valve in the pipe trench has a different nominal size than you thought and thus a different stem connection, with the VariFix solution you always have the right coupling sleeve to clip on.


The stable pull-out lock prevents irreparable damage to the stem extension when pulled apart.

In the event of a pipe burst, the stem extension must be able to close a gate valve urgently and reliably. Top materials such as hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel prevent corrosion, large-volume bells prevent wandering of the sleeve tube and result in the operational reliability of BÜSCH stem extensions.

  • Clean and gradual compaction of the subsoil helps to avoid subsequent road damage such as collapse of the road pavement or frost damage in winter.
  • Bells and centring discs adapted to valves ensure that our stem extensions are always positioned vertically, necessary for 360° compaction.
  • The telescopic adjustment of the stem extensions means gradual, layer-wise compaction is not a problem.
  • A robust and large-volume sleeve tube protects the function of the stem extension while the subsoil is being compacted.
  • From the cap to the bell, all components of our stem extensions are fully welded and the sleeve tube collars have sealing lips. The complete stem extension is thus protected against subsequent silting up.
  • Accessories such as the BÜSCH support plate also offer safety for your road cap due to the large contact surface.
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