Lee Tunnel large-scale project, London BÜSCH delivers 107 valves, 12 backflow flaps, 25 overflow weirs

The £635-million project includes the construction of Lee Tunnel, which is almost 7 km long and 7 m wide.

The first of two planned structures, it serves to channel more than 16 m tonnes of waste water mixed with rainwater directly to the purification plant Beckton Sewage Treatment Works to avoid contaminating the Thames.

Previously, when the maximum limit for waste- and rain- water was reached, it flowed via the River Lee directly into London’s famous river. This tunnel is therefore an important step in meeting the future requirements of a modern and environmentally-friendly waste water system in a constantly growing city with a population of millions.

For this major project, undertaken between 2010 and 2016, BÜSCH delivered a total of 107 valves and sluice gates up to 4150 x 5300 mm and up to 9 m/Wg, 12 backflow flaps up to 3000 x 3000 mm and up to 9 m/Wg and 25 overflow weirs up to 3000 x 305 mm.

Our long years of experience in the construction of large, absolutely watertight valves in special formats especially for waste-water disposal and their extremely easy installation made participation in this great project possible.

Impressions of the project scale



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