"All-in-One" operating key made of stainless steel

Is the street cap-off shaft too dark? Is the manhole cover difficult to lift up? Is a variable torque essential?

Our tried and tested all-in-one operating key for actuating installation fixtures, tapping fittings, slide gate valves and hydrants in the above floor and underfloor areas has now been optimised with regard to its technical operability. Extended accessories simplify work and emphasise its versatility.

The operating key

  • Infinitely adjustable capability for the operating height (860 - 1360 mm) by utilising clamping bolts
  • High torque due to infinitely adjustable capability for the lever rod (400 to 680 mm) by utilising clamping bolts
  • Made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Distortion safe up to 350 Nm
  • Simplified exchange for the coupling collars by means of integrated compression springs
  • More safety with reflective tape
  • Folded only 210 x 950 mm small (with coupling sleeves)


  • Torch with integrated holder for improved orientation in the street cap-off shaft
  • Magnet with ball joint for lifting manhole covers by simply clicking on the operating key
  • Storz key (size A, B, C with cold protection according to DIN 14822) for opening and closing hydrants
  • A rubber ended hammer for easy lifting of road caps
  • LEAKPEN mounting utilising a coupling collar

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