Process measuring and control technology
System control

Process measuring and control technology
System control

BÜSCH produces customised control technology for plants, independent of the penstocks and actuators used. Whether as a completely designed new project or as integration into already existing systems. In addition to the actual control of penstocks, plant control systems also perform other tasks. The monitoring of error and fault messages and their transmission to a control centre significantly increases process and operational safety. BÜSCH also offers an all-round service consisting of penstocks, electric actuators, control technology, installation, commissioning and documentation.

Process measuring and control technology – System control



  • Design of the control concept in close consultation with the customer
  • Creating the circuit diagrams and creation of the PLC program incl. visualization
  • Production of the cabinet
  • Installation and commissioning of the systems on site
  • Testing of the system in accordance with the applicable regulations
  • Preparation of complete documentation

Additional tasks

In addition to operate the penstocks the BÜSCH control technology performs additional tasks, such as e.g.:

  • Control logic (by PLC) for interaction of several penstocks (e.g. withhold extinguishing water)
  • Sharing, evaluation and processing of error and fault messages
  • Processing of external signals from sensors, limit switches, water level sensors (e.g. from a fire alarm system)


  • PLC control incl. visualisation with touch panel
  • Battery backup via solar panel
  • Emergency supply
  • Remote access via Internet


The BÜSCH control technology includes all necessary safety-related equipment and components, fullfilling the applicable regulations and directives as:

  • DIN
  • VDE
  • DVGW
  • DGUV

Sewage disposalFlood protectionEnergy supply


In close cooperation with you and irrespective of the penstocks and actuators used, we design, assemble and install the plant control system that is precisely aligned to your requirements

On request, we can integrate the BÜSCH control system into an existing control system


Our all-round service for you: the complete system, consisting of penstocks, electric actuators and the control technology including installation, commissioning and complete documentation

We will be pleased to consult you.


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