BEA©max stainless steel
Electric rotary actuators for setting & positioning mode

BEA©max stainless steel
Electric rotary actuators for setting & positioning mode

Functional, reliable, effortless to operate and made of stainless steel - an electric rotary actuator for setting and positioning operation with the intuitive maxone one-button operating concept. The BEA©max displays all important penstock and actuator information at a glance, offers exceedingly powerful torque and, with its sophisticated functionalities, is designed for lasting reliability.

BEA©max stainless steel – Electric rotary actuators for setting & positioning mode



When standard functional requirements are appreciated and desirable in an actuator without unnecessary gimmicks. Nevertheless, value is placed on modern, intuitive and effortless operator guidance. And the product is consistently designed with high-quality materials for lasting reliability, then the BEA©max is the maximum actuator for controlled operation.

All it takes, neither more nor less - the display and operating concept

The local control station of the BEA©max with the maxone one-button operating concept enables intuitive operation and parameterization by means of a rotary and pushbutton directly on the actuator. With the help of the programmed menu structure and the selectable dialog windows, which are shown on the 3.5" color display, the operation and setting is carried out by simple turning and pressing movements. The use of graphic icons for signaling statuses and for buttons supports the simple usability.
The dialog window

The "Operating mode" dialog window is the central element (Home) of the maxone display and operating concept. All current and decisive information on the actuator and the penstock can be read at a glance, such as: selected control, pending messages, current position, current torque, end positions, set tripping torques for opening or closing, active travel movements as well as buttons for local operation. The structured basic division of the dialog windows into three main elements (information area, dialog area, button bar) allows easy navigation through the underlying menu structure.

The rotary and push button

The one-button principle enables simple operation on site. Turning the button selects an element in the displayed dialog box. The respective selection is confirmed by pressing the button.

The menu structure

The simple and well thought-out handling can already be illustrated with the four most important dialog windows:

  • Operating mode - everything at a glance, including set torque
  • Main menu - structured and clear user guidance
  • User level - according to access authorization with code entry
  • Diagnostics - signal states of digital inputs/outputs and setting of analog inputs/outputs

Functional means well designed - the functionalities

An actuator reduced to the essentials for user-friendly operability and reliable operation. Above all, this means a well thought-out combination of all the relevant information required to operate a penstock. Daily practice sets the challenges. The BEA©max  is prepared.

All penstock parameters structured at a glance

The "Operating mode" dialog window:

Small but powerful!

The BEA©max and its enduring high torque:

Optomechanics - Continuous recording of torque and penstock position

Contactless recording of current actual torque as well as the direction of rotation and the resulting penstock position. In combination with a rechargeable battery integrated in the actuator, the position of the penstock to be actuated is reliably detected even in the case of a power failure (integrated emergency concept). This makes the BEA©max predestined for critical infrastructures in the age of increasingly frequent cyberattacks.

Longer operating time with the constant maximum torque - high performance & reliability!

BEA©max represents a robust actuator with endurance. High demands do not necessarily mean a larger actuator and higher costs. Due to the maximum torque that can be accessed over the entire running time of up to one hour, even the smallest size 060 of the BEA©max can be used for a wide range of applications. In addition, it enables safe multiple actuation of penstocks in emergency situations - without forced cooling time of the actuator.

And what happens in the case of network failures or attacks on critical infrastructure?

The emergency concept of the BEA©max:

Mechanically supports digital - functioning display by means of battery buffering

The display is switched off in case of power failure (sleep mode) and the control electronics is supplied by rechargeable batteries. With the help of the handwheel coupling and the integrated rechargeable battery, the display can be activated and the current penstock position can be viewed in the main "Operating mode" dialog window. The position is also registered when the handwheel is actuated.

Penstock position backup in case of power failure
When the mains supply is active, the penstock position is automatically saved in a 0-voltage-proof cyclic memory. This ensures that the penstock position is correctly maintained even after a power failure.
Message archive with real-time clock

All events relevant to the operation of the actuator are recorded by means of real-time recording. This function supports the operator of the actuator in analyzing a fault directly at the actuator.

Locking of the handwheel and the rotary button
The handwheel of the BEAmax takes over decisive functions - the display can be activated by the handwheel coupling in the case of a power failure, and in the case of an emergency, the actuated penstock can be operated in order to maintain the supply. The easy lockability with a standard padlock both in the coupled and uncoupled state ensures additional protection against improper use. The same applies to the rotary button - the crucial operating element of the BEA©max. A simple mechanical operating lock secures the operating button and the display screen.
BEA©max, the Networker

The adaptable control and networking of the BEA©max:

  • Analog (0/4-20 mA standard signal)
  • Binary (digital inputs DIN1 -5 and messages via potential-free contacts)
  • Field bus (Profibus-DP or Profinet)
Water distributionSewage disposalFlood protectionEnergy supply


Everything directly displayed and operable at the actuator:
  • all current and decisive information about the actuator and the penstock at a glance
  • all settings can be made by means of rotary and push button

with constant maximum torque

Continuous recording of torque and penstock position


Power supply of the control electronics via rechargeable batteries in case of power failure - activation of the display and position detection via handwheel

Retention of correct penstock position by cyclic 0-voltage-proof storage during active power supply
Fault analysis directly at the actuator
Stainless steel housing
Easy connection to the electrical supply - the connection can be swivelled in 90° steps

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We will be pleased to consult you.