BEA©servo stainless steel
Variable speed rotary actuators for permanent control operation

BEA©servo stainless steel
Variable speed rotary actuators for permanent control operation

Dynamic, precise, gentle, flexible and made of stainless steel - A servo drive system with electronic position, speed and torque control. Three perfectly matched components enable quick and easy assembly, commissioning and operation.

BEA©servo stainless steel – Variable speed rotary actuators for permanent control operation



The servo3system is designed for requirements that exceed the normal control operation of an actuator for standard applications. The setting ranges, the positioning accuracy of the movement and the dynamics are in the focus of this automation solution. Therefore, the BEA©servo scores particularly well with process-based applications, the mechanically protective control of large penstocks and non-standard solutions.

Speed and power for everybody and a fine sense for the mechanics

A must for situation-related positioning speeds and special process requirements. The infinitely variable speed range between 1-64 rpm can be variably parameterized for the respective OPEN and CLOSE requirements. Separately adjustable ramp times allow an absolutely mechanically gentle operation and are therefore the ideal solution for hardly visible, slow movements of large penstocks. Since the full torque is permanently available over the entire speed range, the BEA©servo reliably releases any blockages as early as 1 rpm. Due to the precise speed adjustment, the servo drive can be fine-tuned down to the last revolution and thus moves smoothly into the end position or out of the end position.

It runs and runs and runs...

The BEA©servo is designed for continuous operation (operating mode S1) and is therefore ideally suited for applications with long running times such as large penstocks or in regular operation.

Operation × 4

The four different operating options of the BEA©servo underline its practical orientation. Simple commands can be executed locally and manually, both on the actuator itself and externally on the control cabinet. To prevent unauthorized modification of parameters, parameterization of the BEA©servo by means of a touch panel in the control cabinet is only possible with appropriate authorization. Optionally, the servo3system can be integrated into a higher-level control system via control signals and operated remotely.

No fear of getting your feet wet!

Due to the stainless steel housing, a pluggable cable set and cables encapsulated in the junction box, the servo drive is protected against flooding and can be used permanently.


Water distributionSewage disposalFlood protectionEnergy supply


Adjustable 1-64 U/min
Seperate for start/stop
Completely electrical through variable speed setting

For modulation duty


According to authorization


IP68++ waterproof

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Cover for electric actuators

Cover for electric actuators

Protects actuators from weather or corrosive atmospheres

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