MOBITORQ 230 Mobile actuator

Why use MOBITORQ 230?

In order to verify and maintain their performance penstocks and valves should be operated in regular intervals at least once every 12 months. Such regular, preventive maintenance avoids or reduces costs of replacement before time as well as damage caused by immovable valves.

Only well-maintained penstocks and valves can guarantee you maximum performance, reliability and safety. Especially if valves are rarely operated MOBITORQ can be a cost-effective and efficient alternative for permanently installed electric actuators.


  • MOBITORQ 230 is mobile and can be used wherever you need it
  • Handy and light-weight
  • Compatible with various types of connections
  • Self-powered with power generator (optional)
  • Steady performance with latest chip technology
  • Torque limitation prevents accidental damage to valves
  • Low maintenance
  • Delivery ex-stock

Support Stand for torque absorption

Allows for one-man operation of MOBITORQ 230 even when transferring a high torque (e.g. operation of very tight or stuck valves).

Safety note: In case the torque to be transferred exceeds 120 Nm always use the support stand or handle MOBITORQ together with a second person.

Transport case

Fits in all gear! Sheet steel case, grey finish.

Actuating rods

For all types of armatures:

  • With wear-reducing end-cushioning
  • Telescopic or non-telescopic
  • From 200 mm to 3,250 mm length
  • All rods made from stainless steel
  • For buried valves or valves installed to pits
  • With our without ball joint
  • Standard coupling sleeve 27 mm

Power generator on trolley

Powerful and reliable. Equipped with an isolation monitoring according to DVGW GW661 (M) and DIN VDE 0100-706, making it suitable for use on pipe network construction. On dolly 1-axis pneumatic tires. The slide rotation device and the drive rod can be transported on the carriage.

Technical specifications:

  • Rated voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
  • Current rating 11 Amps
  • Power rating 2500 VA at cos φ 1.0
  • Power at 3000 min-1 3.2kW
  • Protection IP 54
  • Sound pressure 68dB (A)
  • Weight 48 Kg

Mobility maintaining your pipe network is always guaranteed with this unit.


Product informations

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Product ímages

MOBITORQ 230 in action
MOBITORQ 230 in action
MOBITORQ 230 in transport case
MOBITORQ 230 in transport case
MOBITORQ 230 coupling sleeves
MOBITORQ 230 coupling sleeves
MOBITORQ 230 coupling sleeves in transport case
MOBITORQ 230 coupling sleeves in transport case
MOBITORQ 230 power generator
MOBITORQ 230 power generator