WIRELESS POWER MASTER WPM - main power supply independent actuator

Product description

Self-Supporting Valve Actuator with independent, permanent power supply, with remote control and remote monitoring.

Save money with the automation of your valves with solar and/or wind energy. Avoid expensive digging, connecting and installation costs. Even in situations where as little as 100m length of buried cable is required, the installation of the WIRELESS POWER MASTER begins to offer an economic advantage.

Your advantages

  • Self-sufficient through independent power supply
  • Operational safety even without sun and/or wind
  • No set up cost to public networks
  • Remote control and remote monitoring
  • Maintenance free
  • No service costs
  • Safety and flexibility
  • Manual actuator operation possible
  • No ongoing energy costs

Range of application

  • Rain storage reservoirs
  • Flood control
  • Weirs
  • Pump stations
  • Long-distance supply lines for water, gases and oils

Operational safety

  • WPM operates without the connection to a public power supply that was, until now, necessary.
  • The power supply is secured by solar and/or wind energy. Zero emissions!.
  • Even after days without sun and wind, you can operate your system X-times.

Remote control and remote monitoring

This completely self-supporting system offers the solution for all actuator tasks, and the associated safety requirements. WPM enables remote control and remote monitoring worldwide.

Remote monitoring: always informed

WPM will inform you on demand by SMS, internet or fax about the operational status, the basic conditions and/or any changes to these.

Remote control: always ready

With WPM, you can remotely control your valve at any time by mobile telephone or via the internet.

Remote monitoring: with intelligence

All physical conditions can be remotely monitored, and lead to the systems reaction that you desire. You decide which parameters are monitored: e.g. Pressure, flow, fill level or the contamination through mineral oils. Furthermore, the WPM monitors itself. All system data such as temperature and voltage are permanently monitored and listed in each protocol.


Against unauthorised interference through software:

  • Password
  • Server address
  • Coded program names
  • Alarm when the battery is weak

Against manipulation in the facility:

  • Locked steel cabinet
  • Lock on actuator

Against data loss:

  • Permanent data storage

With the help of the WPM intelligent sensor and remote system you can save costs of permanent monitoring of such facilities. The WPM system will enable you to control and actuate the valve, whilst the online connection will provide you with constant monitoring of all required parameters. The whole system is self-supporting and creates zero emissions.


WPM Demo-system

BÜSCH WPM reference system

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