Custom built penstocks

Custom built penstocks

Custom built penstocks

You need a customized penstocks?

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Custom built penstocks


Penstock with "nose"

This XL4 2000 × 2000 mm is sealing on the concrete base of the channel. The non-centered drainage in the channel bottom is sealed with a "nose" at the bottom of the plate.

For the design our designers toke the dimension from on-site and transferred it to the CAD-system. So we able were to produce a accurately fitting penstock for this channel.

Penstock with a "nose"

Penstock for flood protection allows cooling water extraction

This XL4 1800 × 1300 is operating in the flood protection in Lohr at the Main river in Germany.

To provide a factory with cooloing water from the river during the flood period, the XL4 plate was assembled with an SAFOX DN300. The SAFOX can be actuated independently of the XL4. So the factory can continue the production during the flood period.

Flood protection penstock

Penstock with plate for special channel

After an on-site survey the XL4 penstock was designed and produced in the dimensions 3000 × 2260 mm. The penstock passage was customized accurate to this unusual channel profile. The XL4 is working as a part of flood protection device with a very good tightness.

Penstock with custom fitting plate

Triangular penstock

This Penstock with a triangular plate is operating in a grit chamber. The dimensions of the penstock are width: 750 mm and heigth:400 mm, the plate sealing is working on a steel plate, mounted on the channels bottom.

Penstock with triangular plate

We will be pleased to consult you.


We will be pleased to consult you.