Flap covers

Product description

For application as a backflow preventer on the discharge outlet of drainage systems. In case of rising water levels backflow is prevented due to self- actuated closing of the flap. Also applicable in flood protection.


  • Nominal size: 100 mm to 2000 mm
  • For round and rectangular openings
  • for fixed flange connection, mounting with chemical anchor bolts and embedding

Corrosion resistance

  • Maximum corrosion resistance due to stainless steel material, all acid bath cleaned and passivated.


  • The flap cover is construed for mounting with chemical anchor bolts or for fixed flange connection.


Available with 3 different types of flaps:

  • Flat flap cover for an external water level underneath the tubing channel bottom
  • Hollow flap cover for external water levels above the cover flap
  • Flat flap cover equipped with counter balance weight for low drainage pressure

Areas of application

  • Drainage systems
  • Flood protection


  • Stainless steel 304 or 316Ti or galvanised steel
  • Sealing: EPDM, NBR
Flap covers

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