Vulcanizing instead of adhesive bond
BÜSCH UNO angle and butt joints

With our sealing process, we not only meet our own quality standards but also comply with the guidelines of the Hydraulic Steel Construction and Wastewater Treatment Plant standards.
Standard "Hydraulic Steel Construction DIN 19704-2"

Part 2: Structural design and manufacture
Point 6.4 - Seals made from elastomers

„…joints of seals are ... hot to vulcanize."



WHY 180°C?

Hot vulcanization usually occurs at a temperature of 120°C to 160°C.

Our sealing joints (EPDM or NBR) are processed at 180°C to achieve an even better result.

This creates a strong, clean and homogeneous bond. It has permanently elastic properties, high tensile strength, elongation and resistance to ageing and weathering.

Compliant with standards = Vulcanization and butt welding of the sealing joints



Highest quality for penstocks



Adhesive bond

+ Identical material properties - Unflexible adhesive layer connection
+ Identical strength - High susceptibility to cracks
+ Identical expansion - Increased risk of joint leakage
+ Identical elasticity - Unproven long-term stability
+ No risk of joint leakage - Joint quality dependent on the manufacture

The BÜSCH UNO sealing joints have the same chemical composition and resistance as the elastomer seal and form a single unit after vulcanization = much more durable!

Adhesive bonds are always independent of the residual material and remain an independent component:

The adhesive bond is always a separate component in the elastomer seal.

Standard "Wastewater treatment plants Construction principles for structures and technical equipment DIN 19569-4"

Part 4: Special design principles for penstocks without housing
Point 6.2 – Special design features

6.2.1 Seals Sealing between frame and plate

…connections between elastic seals (joints, also in corners) must be hot vulcanized or similar.

Our pledge of quality: durable NO leakage on BÜSCH UNO angle and butt joints!

to ensure tightness before delivery

We test the ready-to-fit penstocks for complete tightness on our in-house pressure test wall.

Your advantages:

+ Seal corpus 100% pressure tested
+ Pressure test: opening size 3000 × 3000 mm & up to 40 mwc (other mwc/sizes on request)
+ Test report & certificate according to 3.1 EN 10204 on request

For further information, please contact your project manager.


The BÜSCH pledge of quality