Both plates of the double-plate-penstocks are moveable independently from the other one. They´re sealing against each other and against the frame very reliable

Double-plate-penstocks are used in very deep channels and/or a normal pentsock can´t be used because of a low-ceilinged biuldíng.

Sealing performance

  • Perfect frame internal sealing quality
  • Consistent, good tightness regardless of water pressure
  • Dense even in intermediate positions
  • Seal replaceable at any time
  • Wastewater-resistant sealing material

Installation advantages

  • Sealing is already installed
  • Quick and easy installation with few fixing brackets
  • No additional adjustments necessary on the double-plate

Operation advantages

  • Maintenance free
  • Self-cleaning stem nut
  • Durable operating reliability
  • High process safety due to outstanding sealing performance

Corrosion resistance

  • Maximum corrosion resistance due to stainless steel material, all acid cleaned and passivated in own pickling plant


  • Operating key, hand wheel, electric or pneumatic actuator, gears and a wide range of extensions: see BÜSCH MAS programme


  • From a width to height ratio of 2:1, the double-plate penstock has 2 spindles
  • If the double-plate penstock is used as a weir, it is possible to install the 2 spindles laterally in the frame


  • MAS Modular Actuating System packages: see BÜSCH MAS programme
  • MOBITORQ Mobile Actuator: see brochure
  • BEA BÜSCH Electric Actuator: see brochure
  • Operating key: e.g. All-in-One operating key

Areas of application

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Rain reservoirs
  • Flood protection

General information

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Product ímages

Double-plate-penstock 1.40 m x 6.50 m, Overall heigth 11,50 m
Double-plate-penstock 1.40 m x 6.50 m, Overall heigth 11,50 m