SAFOX® penstock


Whilst leakage on penstocks is usually caused by insufficient frame stability and frame distortions SAFOX® patented sealing system is not affected by such parameters as it is separated from the frame. Due to this separation SAFOX® perfectly seals to the mounting wall and sliding plate and is even able to level structural variations. The freely suspended sealing ring is self-adjusting and does not require adjustment of wedges after mounting.

SAFOX® penstocks are non-drip leak proof under seating and unseating pressure and withstand water heads of up to 10 m. When required SAFOX® can be designed to withstand higher water heads.


  • Nominal size: 150 mm to 3000 mm
  • Pressure: up to 1,0 bar
  • For round openings, mounting with chemical anchor bolts

Sealing performance

  • Leak tightness class A, SUPERIORLY TIGHT up to 10 m seating and unseating heads (standard) in accordance with EN 12266-2, part 2, Table A.5, leakage rate C. Higher pressure resistance available on request.
  • Seating heads in the standard design:
    • DN 150 to DN 300 10 m WC
    • DN 400 to DN 800 8 m WC
    • DN 900 to DN 1000 7 m WC
    • bigger than DN 1200 6 m WC

Installation advantages

  • Compact design, one-unit delivery, ready to install
  • Quick & easy mounting with few chemical anchor bolts. No assembly, adjustments and setting works on site necessary
  • No chemical anchor bolts in bottom area
  • Quickly available on site as delivery ex-stock

Operational advantages

  • Throughout the entire stroke vibration-free led gate. This allows the SAFOX to be operated in intermediate position and as a throttle valve
  • Minimal closing and opening torque
  • Maintenance free
  • Wear parts and sealing simply exchangeably

Corrosion resistance

  • Maximum corrosion resistance due to stainless steel material, all acid bath cleaned and passivated

Areas of application

  • Municipality or industrial service water and sewage treatment plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Flood protection
  • Power Plants
  • For strictest environmental constraints


  • Frame: stainless steel 304 or 316Ti
  • Sliding Plate: Stainless steel 304 or 316Ti
  • Sealing: EPDM, waste water resistant or NBR
  • Stem: Stainless steel 304 or 316Ti
  • Stem Nut: GC-CuSn 12, bronze, seawater resistant
  • Chemical Anchor Bolts: Stainless steel 316Ti

Different materials on request.