Overfall weir
made of stainless steel

Overfall weir
made of stainless steel

For optimum regulation of water level heights over a low adjustment height in an open channel or basin inflow. A consistently high sealing performance is guaranteed regardless of the water pressure. Adaptations for special applications are very easy to implement here. For example, the side cheek plates can be equipped with a heater for trouble-free use at the lowest temperatures.

Overfall weir – made of stainless steel



  • 500 × 200 mm up to 5000 × 1200 mm, individual sizes possible on request


  • Seals on three sides, seal on the bottom and between the weir and the lateral guide
  • Lateral guide plates for lateral sealing of the movable flap valve
  • Reinforced EPDM seal
  • Hinge made of stainless steel with additional BÜSCH EPDM seal (at drinking water filters: to prevent scouring of filter sand)
  • All EPDM seals are replaceable
  • Seal and wearing parts (spindle, spindle nut, spindle bearing, seal) are replaceable


  • Stainless steel 1.4301 (304) / 1.4404 (316L) / 1.4410 (507) / 1.4462 (318LN) / 1.4539 (904L)

Tighness class

  • Leakage rate to DIN EN 19569, Part 4, Table 1: Max. 10% from 0,05 to 0,1 l · s-1 · m-1 (tightness class 3)

Mounting options

  • Dowelled into the structure
  • Casting in concrete

Actuated by

  • Handwheel on transverse yoke
    optional: stainless steel handwheel
  • BÜSCH All-in-one operating key via square stem cap
  • BÜSCH MOBITORQ electric or accu mobile actuators via square stem cap
  • BEAservo stainless steel electric actuator mounted on transverse yoke
    optional: with BÜSCH weather protection roof
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Hydraulic actuator

Individual sizes are possible at any time on request.
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Sewage disposal


For water levels in an open channel or basin inflow
Weir complete with all necessary fastening elements (dowels and sealing material)

Overfall weir including works certificate according to DIN EN 10204, 2.1, with information on the leakage rate according to DIN 19569, part 4

All welded stainless steel parts from our own pickling plant

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