Reference projects: Penstocks

Three lowering type penstocks 1200 x 800 mm in a sewage plant (Radom, Poland)
Custom-built XL4, special fitting plate (Niederwiesa, Saxony, Germany)
3 x XL4 (Szentgotthard, Hungary)
Two SAFOX® DN 1000 behind protective screens (Brno, Czech Republic)
SAFOX® DN 1200 in a sewage plant (Landsberg/Lech, Germany)
SAFOX® DN 2800 for flood protection (Prague, Czech Republic)
XL4, operated by hand wheel on gearbox (Lunzenau, Saxony, Germany)
XL4 1800 x 1300 mm with fitted SAFOX® DN 300 (Lohr/Main, Germany)
XL4 800 x 800 mm (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
Penstock with covered plate